Founded with a Singular Vision: Providing Both Candidates and Employers with Premier Access to the Best in AEC Industry Opportunities

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Bryce Batts & Edwin Powali

Guided by Bryce Batts and Edwin Powali, Career Collective stands at the forefront of AEC recruitment. Their combined 25+ years of industry experience fuels a deep commitment to aligning exceptional talent with the right opportunities. Bryce's passion for career coaching and Edwin's prowess in talent acquisition create a powerhouse duo, dedicated to enriching both the careers of individuals and the teams of employers they serve.

We empower employers with the right talent and candidates with career-defining opportunities ensuring that every placement is not just a job filled, but an effective, strategic fit.

Bryce Batts


Edwin Powali


Alex Butler

Senior Director

Our Leadership

Guiding Success in the AEC Industry

We strive to shape the AEC industry in ways that resonate with both employers and job-seekers by creating experiences that leave lasting impact on both careers and organizations.

The Career Collective Mission:

Leading the AEC Industy in Dynamic Growth and Development.

We strive to be the catalyst for transformative career advancement in the AEC sector. We aim to redefine the landscape of career growth, focusing not just on job placements, but on nurturing long-term, fulfilling career paths. Career Collective aspires to shape a future where every AEC professional can access the guidance, resources, and opportunities to reach their full potential, contributing to a more innovative and dynamic industry.

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"We understand that every career path holds the potential to not only build individual success, but also shape the very landscape of the AEC industry. Our mission is to bridge the gap between talented professionals and visionary companies, crafting career stories that go beyond job placements to forge a legacy of innovation, growth, and enduring professional relationships.”
Edwin Powali




We're committed to achieving exceptional results, ensuring both candidates and employers experience successful, meaningful outcomes.



We offer consistent, dependable support and solutions to both industry professionals seeking growth and organizations aiming for excellence.



Authenticity is key in our interactions with both individuals and businesses, ensuring our guidance and strategies are genuinely aligned with each client's unique needs and goals.

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